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If you are headed to New Orleans or already here, check out the BEST Ghost Tour App on the Android market. Visit the Google Play store at this link: FRENCH QUARTER GHOST TOUR or simply search for the French Quarter Ghost Tour in your phone’s store. 

Normally tours cost $20 per person… the groups can be too large, making it tough to hear the tour guide… the tour guide can be having a bad day and not be overly excited to be sharing our great city with you… the fact is, you are stuck with the group, completing the tour at the guide’s pace, not stopping for drinks or food when you want, not delaying for bad weather…

Our app allows you to be your own tour guide!

Being your own guide allows you to visit the 15 locations throughout New Orleans’ Famous French Quarter, at your leisure. Our tour features 4 different narrators, music, and sound FX. The tour isn’t cheesy like some of the other tours, it can be little scary and incredibly interesting!

Doing your own tour, at your own pace… listening to 4 different narrators relay over 15 haunted tales to you… hearing music and sound fx that add to the experience… these aren’t even the best thing about our app. At ONLY $2.99, you will save a ton of money (

We are so proud of our tour but, it has been a struggle to get it out to people.  Creating an app version was the ideal solution. We just launched this app on April 4th, just in time for French Quarter Fest, our favorite time of the year.  We love living in the French Quarter, and in fact, lived for a very long time in the house that Chapter 9 focuses on (which is what inspired us to create the tour)… and now we live just down the block from where Chapter 12 is… we love sharing the amazing history and the incredible haunted tales that this city offers. We hope you enjoy them as well.

PS. The iPhone app is coming soon!

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